Welcome to the FEBI Project!

The Febi Project is a cooperative effort among academic institutions, health organizations and NGOs to provide ophthalmologists and allied health care workers in Egypt with standardized training to facilitate service and training in a best practice environment with state of the art equipment. The long-term goals are to improve the access to, and standards of, health care delivery to eye patients together with rehabilitation and integration into main society and schools, regardless of social, ethnic or religious background.  This is being accomplished on two parallel tracts:

I. Eye care training for service and education

A. Post-residency Fellowship training in certified centers around the country.

B. Continuing medical Education for physicians and allied health care workers.

II. Screening, rehabilitation and integration of people (especially children) with visual impairment

The international scope and success of this project will underscore the possibility of duplicating it for other specialties and in other countries.

The grand Mufti hands Dr Jabbour a copy of the agreement while the Bishop looks on

Light Out Of Darkness


FEBI Project Partners, Febi and Her Parents

Representatives of some of the FEBI project Partners gathered in Cairo on the 16th of September 2010, in the presence of Febi and her parents