Partners & Supporters

1. The ForSight Foundation – Lebanon
2. Medical Education International (CMDA)
3. Misr El-Kheir
4. Services Along the Nile
5. Dorcas International
6. Al-Nour-Maghrabi Foundation
7. Eye Foundation of America
8. Upper Egypt Association for Education and Development – Gam3yat Al Saeed…
9. True Light “Al-Nour Al-Hakiky” Association
10. Life Envision Association
11. National council for disability (central and local)
12. Education Network of Integration
13. Health Outreach to the Middle-East
14. Frontiers
16. Synergetics
17. ITegrators

Health Organizations:
1. Mon Health Systems
2. West Virginia University
3. Harpor Memorial Hospitals
4. Ammoun Hospital
5. Roud El Farag Eye Hospital
6. Luxor Eye Hospital
7. Germanic Hospital
8. Naquada Hospital
9. St. George Hospital
10. Rizk University Hospital
11. Hotel Dieu University Hospital
12. Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston

Academic Institutions:
1. West Virginia University
2. Lebanese American University
3. The Holy Spirit University
4. St. Joseph University
5. Beaumont University
6. UIC
7. National Eye Institute – Cairo
8. In His Image residency program
9. American Academy of Ophthalmology

Religious Institutions:
1. Dar El-Iffaa – Egypt
2. Almadaress Al Azharyya – Assiut
3. The Anglican Diocese of North Africa and the Middle-East
4. The Evangelical Church of Egypt
5. First Baptist Church – USA

Government Organizations:
1. Ophthalmology section – MOH – Egypt
2. Ministry of Health – Macedonia
3. Ministry of Education – Egypt

Click on any of these links to learn more about our partners and supporters:

Al-Noor Magrabi Foundation

American Academy of Ophthalmology, Global Alliances

The Egyptian National Eye Institute

The Essef Foundation


The ForSight Foundation, Lebanon

Harpur Hospital / Sadat Hospital

Misr El Kheir

Mon Health Systems

West Virginia University, Department of Special Education

The West Virginia University Eye Institute

The Senod of the Evangelical Churches in Egypt
Dr. Reverend Safwat N. El-Baiady

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